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Theaters & Venues

Theaters and venues have special needs when it comes to CD DVD manufacturing. Daystar Music Group has many years experience in this unique industry. We know you don't need a lot of extra product stored on your floor all the time. We also know that at times, you need CDs and DVDs right away and can't wait.

DaystarMG.com offers custom CD DVD duplication / replication packages based on your needs. We can ship you CDs daily, weekly, monthly or any other way you want. The best part is that you still get to take advantage of volume discount. Contact Daystar today to find out more.

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What happens when a show-goer leaves your venue without a CD or DVD in hand? You have lost a potential sale. Often, people overspend on vacation, and they may still want a copy of that CD or DVD weeks later. Would you like to regain those lost dollars? Of course.

WIth Daystar's Discs On Demand program, your customers can order your CD anytime they feel like it. We manufacture the product when it is ordered, so there is no out of pocket cost for you after the initial setup cost ($21.95). If we handle your duplication or replication, we will wave the setup cost. You determine the price for your product and your customer orders through our website. Daystar reserves a portion of each sale to cover our costs, and the remainder is passed on to you. You pay a more per disc when they are ordered each way, but it's almost like free money for you.

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Many of our theater and venue clients order thousands of discs each year (some of you order that many each week). But storage space and cash flow can often keep you from taking advantage of your volume discounts.

At Daystar, we take a look at your monthly, seasonal and annual volumes to help you get the most cost effective deal. It's a win-win. You maximize your products and we get steady business.

With our volume program, you receive discs on the frequency you pick. For most clients, that's weekly. Knoxville area clients can pick up, and we travel to the Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg / Sevierville area once a week for deliveries. We are centrally located to much of the nation's population, so our shipping is fast and more economical than you may find elsewhere.

Daystar Music Group provides a wide variety of services, from custom-produced show DVDs, promotional items, or CD packages to pre-printed DVD blanks to be duplicated in house. Our award winning video, audio and graphics team can help you with existing projects and new ideas.

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